2016 Malibu X-13 Kayak

Well if you don’t know the story, your about to find out. It’s been said that Malibu has been one of the hardest companies to get answers from until recently. Chris Castro of Next Level Fishing TV receives an email in regards to a Malibu Stealth 14 walk through video. Later an invitation was given to test out some undisclosed models while returning some feedback on possible tweaks.  As time goes, Chris Castro begins to learn more about the companies past. What was initially learned was disappointing, but ended in amazement.

Despite the company not seeking big in the advertisement world, sales for Malibu Kayaks have still been relatively strong.  Focusing not only on fishing kayaks, but recreational designs as well.  Not long ago one of the largest kayak brands in the industry, once struggled to exist. Long story short, not long ago an individual literally took the moldings over night to head overseas. That’s right, STOLEN! Somewhere in the social media world we remember a comment from an unknown individual “Malibu should be on the same level as Jackson by now”.  The problem lies within Malibu taking a huge hit from the stolen goods.  When your one of the largest producing kayak companies, one can only imagine the chaos to wake up one day, and find everything gone. In order to save the company, it seemed that evasive action had been taken. Pro-Staff gone, advertisements cut, and jobs lost. What once was king of the hill, had now been grounded.  As a matter of fact its been said to have set back Malibu a good 5 years.  Major problems begin to show within a revised molding, and product began to be pulled off shelves. Basically, the company was loosing money.  Years pass and despite all the obstacles, the moldings where fixed and sales begin to slowly escalate.  What has stood out to Chris Castro was after everything was said and done, they are still ‘Made in the U.S.A’ where most companies could have easily sold out. Loosing ground is never easy, and it’s good to see Malibu begin to get back on the horse. While not ground breaking, we are starting to see some strong unique improvements. The new Gator-Hatch, X-Wing console, X-Tank, and integrated live bait wells. All promising and fictional accessories which have us wondering, what’s next?

So keep your eyes out for Malibu, and look for them to start making a push. Oh, and about those undisclosed kayaks….here is one of the latest test subjects now released for public. The 2016 Malibu X-13 reviewed by Chris Castro, host of NLF-TV. This is probably one of the finest kayaks in regards to build quality, and performance for the price. This offshore machine can be found retail around $800-$900.

Simple, Sleek, and Sexy! This is the 2016 Malibu X-13

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