Bonus Bonito & Much MORE

Chris Castro

Enjoys the customization of creating his own kingfish leader.

Reuben Pena

Has been cycling trolling lures, and has found success with Rapala who he has recently signed with.

Ram Garcia

Targets live bait and looks for a natural bait presentation using custom short stock stinger rigs.


Match the Hatch & Go Small

An all to familiar term for seasoned anglers and perhaps one that no matter how many times proven, will never graduate past theory.  Matching the hatch can be seen effective this time of year as you may have noticed hundreds if not thousands of migrating minnows the size of your pinky.  Truth be told, I’ve been seeing them for the past few months and while the Texas coast goes through minnow and anchovy runs throughout the year, I’m not quite sure which one of these has sprung early.  The exact species will be figure out in due time.  What I have figured out is that shrinking my tackle has really turned on the predators below.  Larger tackle has worked against me inside of these small bait balls, so small plugs and spoons have been the ticket when tossing into them.  Just remember that anything resembling the flashing and twitching of your lure could make or break your hookup ratio inside these feeding frenzies.

Bonus Bonito and MORE!

Among the normal king mackerel, spanish mackerel, snapper, and other sought-after species; big bonus bonito where in the mix this weekend.  Anglers Reuben Pena, Mark Garcia, Robert Alan Granado, and I lead the charge down the Corpus Christi, TX coast to work a nearby rig. Business as usual for this time of year as we all connected into our limits just in time for some Labor Day bbq. In that mix and approached as I stated above, Mark Garcia would also interrogate some huge bonito that would fool any unseasoned angler into believing they were football sized tuna. How long those premiums will be around for is unsure, but this just goes to show you not to underestimate what lurks below bait balls, you might find something you’re not used too.

Photo Credit: Yak Gear & Railblaza HQ

What's next?

We are interested to see how October will play out this year with all the early springing of minnows and even mullet at the jetties. Maybe an early peak? Time will tell. Be cautious these next few weeks with tropical disturbances despite the distance away. These systems can still create unforgiving conditions from tides, rips, and strong current. Play it smart and always take weather prediction apps with a grain of salt. Expect windows to begin narrowing as we head well into the fall, but don’t let that stop you from trying on a calm day, the best is yet to come!

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