How it all went down for Erik D’Aloise

1st Annual Fin Factory Kayak & Tackle Co. Hobie Owner’s Tournament

This past weekend Fin Factory Kayak & Tackle Co. had it’s first annual Hobie Owner’s Tournament with an impressive turn out. A good friend of ours Erik D’Aloise takes the win and this is how it all went down!

“Saturdays Fin Factory Kayak & Tackle Co. Hobie Owner’s Tournament was a blast! Going up against 57 other Hobie owners I didn’t think I stood a chance. Coming from San Antonio and never fishing that part of the bay, I knew I was at a disadvantage. I figured my best bet was to put in some miles and get away from the crowd. I partnered up with Ram and we headed to the south side of the JFK causeway. I drifted the flats for hours without getting a single bump. At this point, I was getting worn out. I started second guessing my decision to hit this side of the causeway, not even seeing a fish let alone getting a hit. Finally, after over 5 miles of kicking and cursing at that mirage drive, I came across a huge school of reds piled up against a spoil. As soon as my bait hit the water I was hooked up with a 26” fatty. I got on the walkie and called Ram over as quickly as possible. The school stayed put and I was able to hook up again with a 30” red. Since the tournament rules were only allowing slot reds I released him and went back to look for the school but they had vanished. We paddled around for another couple of hours trying to find them again with no luck. At 2 pm we headed in to weigh our fish. I didn’t think a single fish would even be a contender with as many competitors as there were. At the weigh-in, my fish survived the long paddle home and I debated if it was worth keeping for dinner or taking the extra ¼ lb bonus. Thankfully the weigh-in crew convinced me to release the fish. With my bonus, the fish weighed out at 6.95lbs. Shortly after I weighed in another angler brought in two reds and I thought for sure that would have bumped me out of placing. When the winners were announced and I heard 3rd place was 6.21lbs. I was ecstatic, knowing I had at least taken 2nd place. I was blown away when they announced I had taken first place weighing only one fish. I was so thankful I released that fish! I took home a brand new 2017 Hobie Outback and $500 along with some unforgettable memories.

Huge Shout out to Mike Morales and The Fin Factory Kayak & Tackle Co. for hosting this tournament. It went smoothly and the prizes were top notch! The free beer and pizza were a huge plus. Thank you to Bluff Bay Marina for allowing us to use your venue. Thank you to all the sponsors that helped make this event possible.”

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