April Observation 2018 – Offshore Kayak Fishing Texas


Early April has been tough if you are seeking early nearshore king mackerel, but as mother nature would have it, she would save the best for last.  Before launch, I find myself trying to piece together a puzzling pattern to help give myself the edge on finding our silver friends. Through my experience, this time of year always produces shallow running scattered kings.  Once again, my first king and loss occurred early morning a few hundred yards off the beach. It was an initial surprise but makes sense after considering the data; shallow but warmer surface temperature continue to produce early for me.



Much like the last few years, patterns continue to repeat. April is typically the first month of the king mackerel push coming from the south. Oh and by the way, don’t expect consistency.  With king mackerel flushing, why are most anglers not catching?  We can argue technique all day, but I think a big reason for this is understanding how the conditions play out the food chain. As kayak anglers we enjoy sprinting towards the rigs early which isn’t a bad idea considering the concentration of fish. Although, have you been that angler that catches kings on the way back from the rigs and not at them?  April comes with a mixture of inconstant air temperatures, and yes it can affect shallow waters before taking toll in the deep.  I believe that with the combined push of mullet and what follows after, it creates an all to familiar pattern toward the jetties. As the food chain gets larger, it eventually assists with spreading out southern kings once they get pinned chasing spanish, and other bait fish into warm shallow waters. JETTY KINGS!  With the scattering of kings don’t get to frustrated, I know a lot of great anglers who didn’t catch this past weekend. April and king fishing in general is about covering ground and translating the conditions could give you the edge.



Yes Corpus Christi kings have been spread out and based on my own personal results, I had one run 800 yards off the beach, mid column around 8-10 feet. Once I arrived at the rigs (40 feet) it was lively with spades, spanish, jacks, and a few cobia, although the bite didn’t really turn on till around 12 pm.  Rig kings by noon where still running mid column (20 feet) right under the spade fish and not circling the rig either. Most the fish I saw where moving north, north-west toward the jetties.  I picked up on this pattern and drifted through the underwater highway filled with fish. The bite was one after the other, so keep an eye on this when you see schools b-lining westward. By the way, you’ll need a fish finder to pick up on these patterns.



So, despite silver game being spread out this weekend, we still had some huge king mackerel being pulled out further north of my location. It’s a good sign that this year will hopefully be a record breaking year for someone.  As we enter May, look for more action to continue with the best yet to come! A few weekday windows look to open so it looks like I’m back to getting my gear ready. I’ll let you know what more I find, till next time!


– Chris Castro




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