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Here at NLF-TV we are always trying to keep ideas fresh to involved the kayak angler. For the next twelve months we will cycle our headline banner to announce a monthly angler. We are looking for gnarly 300 dpi quality photos (Preferably) to be hand picked by our staff and featured.  On a later date (TBA) these pictures will be put up for vote as a ‘peoples choice award’ ( via social media ) with fantastic prizes to the winners.  More information will be available VERY SOON! Email us at nextlevelfishingtv@gmail.com for more information.

This week the website has been viewed well over a thousand times, so you may have already noticed our featured August angler, Mario Perez.  It’s always great meeting people while fishing, but what about outside the water? This month Mario Perez is ‘On the Hook’ with a little Q&A.

Mario Perez – August Featured Angler – Corpus Christi, Texas

NLF-TV: Why do you choose kayak fishing?

Mario: The ease of being able to launch from just about anywhere. The versatility of fishing in inches of water or being offshore in 60′, and the rush of a sleigh ride.


NLF-TV: What is the best day of fishing you have ever had?

Mario: Maaaaan that’s a tough one. I’ll go with our first time finally hooking up to a king!  Hearing the drag scream, having multiple runs; just action you don’t find in the bay.


NLF-TV: If you could only take one thing in your tackle box, what would it be?

Mario: A pack of pre rigged down south lures lol.  I’ll eat forever! http://www.downsouthlures.com/


NLF-TV: HA! Alright time for a hard question, Sashimi or Sushi?

Mario: lmao sushi


NLF-TV: If tomorrow you hang up the yak and retire, what fish are you landing today?

Mario: I’d be on the hunt for the good ole’ Texas redfish.

NLF-TV: You da man Mario, keep up the great work and good luck winning our peoples choice Photo Of The Year Award.






We have named his photo ‘Thrashing and Bashing’, and it’s a fantastic moment in time that remind us of another rush; close combat fishing.  We have also featured this photo on our latest offshore episode where you can actually see this fish toward the end of the video.


Would you like an opportunity to win photo of the year? Send us your photo (preferably high quality; 300dpi) to nextlevelfishingtv@gmail.com for an opportunity to win some amazing prizes. September angler will be announced in just a couple of weeks. Remember these photos must be kayak fishing ONLY!




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