Growing up, I remember fishing with my grandpa, and my uncle Ken. These men were instrumental in my life and guided my passion for fishing. Some of my most treasured memories and lessons occurred during these moments. Pure, and unspoiled by the rest of the world, I was a boy with a fishing pole. I remember trips to the lakes around San Antonio, Austin, and Laguna Madre. Those were the days of wild goose chasing redfish, black drum, and at times specs as long as my arm!

I often reminisce back to the past before the stresses of adult life. Memories can get us through hard days, so I’ve instilled these traditions into my own family. To de-stress after the holidays, I recommend kayak fishing. I actually seem to recommend this to everyone I meet these days. It is proven to be both relaxing, and healing.

Saltwater enthusiasts know, winter time can produce some of the years best fishing. Even the novice, just a guy who wants to take his family fishing for fun, can look up public fishing areas that TPWD offers. Although wading and shore fishing is fun, there’s more relaxation in a kayak if you ask me. Launching a kayak is where a man and his family can get lost and draw back to a simpler past time.

Last year, I had the pleasure to go on a guided trip with Capt.Fil Spencer out of Corpus Christi, Texas around February. Let me tell you, it was life changing! Catching 5 redfish within 4 hours on soft plastics is an experience that can only be understood by going with this legend. As I write this, college kids are dreaming of spring break and partying. I’m glad my birthday present was a trip before all that madness! My dreams are of swirling chaos; a perfect orchestration the Texas Bays offer.

If you’re fortunate enough, call your favorite guide. Or simply tune into weather and fishing reports to help assist with a good launching area for a kayak. Bring your gear, a bag of shrimp, some food, a camera, and don’t forget the FAMILY! The tail end of winter, and the top of spring offers excellent fishing opportunities for family fun and bonding.

By: Robert R-Dub Winans