REUBEN PENA                |                CORPUS CHRISTI, TX                 |                 AGE: 30

Reuben Pena

Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Reuben would follow along his farther and learn how to chase redfish in the Laguna Madre. After years of practicing his craft, he was later introduced to kayak fishing and a new chapter in his life would begin.  Reuben Pena joined Next Level Fishing TV in 2015 to help film the adventures of kayak fishing. He covers both inshore and offshore ground representing the wonderful sport we all love, kayak fishing.  Email:


RAM GARCIA                |                CORPUS CHRISTI, TX                 |                 AGE: 34

Ram Garcia

Deep in the heart of South Texas, navigating and fishing the waters of the Texas coast grew an angler. Learning the basics from his father he knew that there was fish to be caught but how? Growing up in Robstown, Texas spending most of his time on the water he knew something had to change to expand his adventure. Expanding his knowledge of different types of fishing and conservation tactics, kayak fishing came to mind. Fishing from banks to piers, rocks to pot holes, and every nook and cranny that could possibly be holding fish; seeking that elusive fish that would only get talked about around campfires and wishing those stories and tales would be of his own one day. Casting into oblivion anticipating an award after every cast knowing that kayak fishing would pay off one day he focused his attention to the sport. Inshore to offshore he grew into the angler he is now. This angler grew with intent to follow his dream and protect the sport that he loves, this angler is Ram Garcia.  Email:


CHRIS CASTRO               |                CORPUS CHRISTI, TX                 |                 AGE: 35

Chris Castro

Passion for the sport of kayak fishing came in 2012, after three years of paddling the envision of Next Level Fishing TV came out of a garage amongst friends. Chris Castro, Matt Herzick, Kai Hunter, and Joseph Pena where the first to attempt recording off a kayak.  Years later an expensive hobby dictates the direction of these anglers and a hobby stayed a hobby. For Chris it was much more; the drive continued in search of a couple anglers as it would be needed for the ultimate idea of this kayak fishing show. In 2015 Next Level Fishing TV was officially registered and the hunt for two special anglers would begin. His passion takes notice late 2016 after bringing the team to win video of the year featuring Reuben Pena, and runner up for kayak angler of the year ( Chris Castro, the president of Next Level Fishing TV is now working on his final pieces and has begun filming for National Television as of late 2017. They will be debuting on the Pursuit Channel once the season is finalized. DATE: TBA EMAIL:

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